Pop up gallery

What is a pop up gallery ?

A pop up gallery is a short term license of a space typically for less than 1 month. They are great for solo artist exhibitions, lectures or multi artist gallery owners. Because our shop is on 2 floors this gives experiential artists space to have specially built pieces or to host a respective on one floor with new works on another. The gallery comes with many services included and typically the deposit or covenant requirements are much small than a regular tenancy agreement.

Feelscape by Matt Jukes 2021 - Ground floor special installation

What's included in the short term hire of our pop up gallery space in Shoreditch London ?

Ground floor shop front view of our light and bright pop up shop in Shoreditch London

What's included in your short term rent

  • Local business rate are included in the cost
  • Electricity/ gas and water are all included in the cost
  • Free wifi
  • Building insurance
  • waste removal is available by quotation
Pop up shop basement

Bright light basement of our pop up shop

What's excluded in youR short term rent

  • Stock insurance will need to be arranged by you
  • Public Liability insurance, for you and your customers. We ask to see a copy of this document prior to your opening. Typical cover should be for £2 million

Short term gallery space in Shoreditch East London

OPening hours

Shoreditch and its visitors are slow risers. After long nights out.

So typically we recommend the following opening hours for galleries:

Mon - Sat 10am to 8pm

Sun - 11am to 5pm

Events -

We are not licensed for the sale of alcohol, however if it is given free of charge this causes no issues.

How late ?

We ask all events to conclude by 10pm

and for respect to be paid to the neighbours 

Discuss your idea with us, Today !

Tell us a little about you and your idea with the date you are interested in renting the gallery and we will be back to you in a few hours.

We look forward to working with you....soon

Please note we are not licensed for the sale of alcohol or vape